1. Noun. A person who is flighty and/or paranoid and therefore can not be trusted. As in Rabbit-ass nigga.
2. Verb. The act of moving from one place to another in a quick fashion.
3. Noun. A general term for a male. Usually replacing the word nigga.
1. Nah, I'm not lending you any money. Nigga you's a rabbit.
2. I hear there's a party over at Elijah's. Let's rabbit.
3. That party sucked. There were mad rabbits and no girls.
by Jesus AKA Islamic October 10, 2006
Someone who wont stop talking.
God she wont stop rabbiting on about her new boyfriend.
by erica June 09, 2005
A word used to describe a BMX bike, by users of the forum on ridestreet.co.uk, who generally are into 'BMX' style tricks & riding, but on 24 or 26" wheels (mountain bike), rather than 20" wheels (BMX)
"I like to ride my rabbit at the local skatepark"
"I fell off my rabbit at the weekend"
"I can backflip my rabbit"
by Tim Wilkey March 02, 2007
Tall creepy freshman who has his own sensuality to him, usually a nickname from an upperclassmen
"yo thats this years freshman Rabbit"
by Rabbit2010 October 07, 2007
A young man (no older than 23) that is particularly good at picking up urban cougar's
Way to go Rabbit!!!
Daaamn Rabbit...
by Speedee November 25, 2006
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