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i just dumped a load!
a r34 skyline is so rare in the states, when you see one, you drop a load in your pants. this is nissans best car ever, and out performs many cars on all tracks! overall it is the numberone car.
by jiggy November 30, 2003
the nissan skyline gt-r34 is the most amazing machine ever built in short its a bad ass mother fu**er i love this car thank you to the pimps at nissan for bringing us such a wonderful machine i have driven a 550bhp one an i had to change my shorts afterwards trust me this car is awesome...
wow that r34 skyline was phat as phuck
by pimpmaster zero February 26, 2006
A four wheel drive front engine car. It is heavy so many drivers of this vehicle practice grip driving. It is so heavy actually, that not many owners of this car can actually drive it.
"dude, that guy in the R34 is all for show. He doesn't even know heel and toe"
by clarissa December 14, 2003
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