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One of the most recent series of the Nissan Skyline. The R34 was produced from 1998-2001, and was sold from 1999-2002. It featured Nissan's RB series engine. This inline 6-cyliner, 2.5 liter engine came stock with Dual Overhead Cams, and Electronic Fuel Injection. A turbocharger was optional on most models.

The "GT-R" series of the R34 came in 1999. It offered the same RB series engine, but with 2.6 liters. There were 10 different R34's available from Nissan. All of them featured dual turbochargers.
Ted: Whoa, what's a car with the steering wheel on the right doing in America?

Bill: Must be imported. It look like a newer Skyline. It's probably a Nissan Skyline R34.
by tsurikata November 16, 2006

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