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a derivation of 'l33t', mostly used ironically as it smacks of someone 'trying to hard'
1 15 r337 d00d!!!!$%^7$"52311111
by milk July 17, 2003
The "elite" scale, from weakest to most potent.

Elite, leet, 3l33t, l33t, 3l337, l337, r33t, r337

insert -er and -est to modify directly to your specific elitness.

by TCN1F March 17, 2003
Synonym to "l33t" "1337" etc.
omg i r teh r33t!
by Anonymous February 06, 2003
stupid, retarded, or annoying

mostly used in chatting, but can be used in real life if you are a complete dork
Guest30403: YO U GOT ANY GAMEZ!~? MP3S!?
gordo: r33t.
by andy M April 06, 2004
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