Top Definition
Rocks, is the best. Used by gamers predominantly.
Hijacking a thread is teh r0XX0rz!
by Dizzle Spizzle September 30, 2005
t3h l337 sating of rocks
MonJoe r0xx0rz
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
The un-1337 version of rocks. The true and correct version is roxx0rz or r0xxorz because only one 0 is acceptable in l33t speak while adding x0rz or z0r. OBSERVE:
Player(1): Wow I am t3h r0xx0rz!!
tape: your score is 1 and 17 j00 iz t3h n00b. j00 suxx0rz.
by tape January 18, 2005
You Rock
OMG! U r0xx0rz! Um thanks, I guess.:P
by Yoshua Posenor November 05, 2003
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