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-"Quit Your Bitchin" ;can be found in text chat towards someone who is compalining.
girl: "gosh, it's soo hot in here and it smells"

boy: "qyb"
by MBaxter December 14, 2007
QYB (Qu-i-b):
The acronym for "Quit Your Bitching". This is used for people who are complaining. Simply saying "QYB" will stop them from further complaining because most of the time they do not know what "QYB" means.
Sandra: Oh my God, my feet hurt so bad and this dude cut me off on my way to work. My day was so awful.

Joe: Seriously? QYB!

Sandra: Huh?

Joe: Quit your bitching..
by KujoVanilla November 09, 2012

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