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A middle country term of "what". Mixed with some southern and northern talk.
"Qwhat the hell are you doing bobby!"
by jermps July 25, 2012
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An alternative to the common interrogative "what". Can be used to express astonishment, excitement, disbelief, ignorance and misunderstanding. Extremely versatile in a wide range of social settings. Mostly favoured by students of the IB.

Can also be used as a rather good par.
by kidkitsune March 25, 2011
Qwhat does not have a definition. It was a word created by JamesAtWar from Youtube in order to become the next popular war. Even though it may no have a definition it is usually used in a dirty manner or in exclamation.
Man, I just qhatted on my girl friend.

Qwhat! I left my son at school!

Want to qwhat after school?
by JB410 June 23, 2008

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