A person who like guavas that plant guavas
that qwertyuiop goes to a church, that guava liker goes to church.
by Will-C October 16, 2011
qwertyuiop is just your top row of letters on a QWERTY keyboard. Qwertyuiop is also a song on Youtube. qwertyuiop is also a miss-understanding when somone is just trying to write Qwerty but forget there only supposed to write qwerty
The Qwertyuiop song on youtube has no words but Is a great example of what qwertyuiop is, just a few extra letters onto qwerty
by savagedenuts October 25, 2010
"qwertyuiop" First line of keyboard!!
"qwertyuiop" If your friend had changed your password, it will polly be that...
Hehe Podge...I changed his password to "qwertyuiop"
by Tom Wingham October 28, 2004
When I.T. Grads get bored.
Person 1 - What is up my fellow man?
Person 2 - Nothing much, how about you?
Person 1 - Qwertyuiop
Person 2 - What?
Person 1 - It is the first line of the keyboard silly.
Person 2 - O yeah, we learned that in computers 501 today.
Person 1 - Laughing out loud
by MANISH BHAI June 15, 2007
the act of cumming on someone whose cumming on someone whose cumming on someone
Hey man i did some qwertyuiop with your parents the other night.
by Karl Wooster December 02, 2008

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