sexy and exciting!
Guy #1: This place is qwantz!
Guy #2: Of course it is, you're in a strip club!
by NESMonster February 03, 2004
Top Definition
n. 1: intellectually stimulating material found on the Internet. 2: having or displaying a qwantz nature. 3: large green tyrannosaurus rex who often gets himself into trouble due to his childlike innocence of the nature of our harsh world.
"The qwantz in qwantz is qwantz."
by VileTerror February 04, 2004
Your only solace in the face of a (potentially) dead or absent god.
Online Dinosaur Comics
by dirk a. keaton February 11, 2004
A dinosaur comic where they talk about philosophy and sex and such. Exciting!
Qwantz is a dinosaur comic
by dudeman February 01, 2004
Sexy yet bold!
Apparently Ryan is qwantz.
by chamo April 28, 2004
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