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Super cute marsupial, found in Western Australia. It's mostly nocturnal, and eats plants and fruits. It has little paws, and resembles a very small kangaroo.
Australian: Look at that baby quokka!

Tourist: What's a quokka?
by jessie63 January 02, 2013
Small rodent-like animal found on Rottnest Island, just of the coast of West Australia. They tend to trash hotel rooms if you leave the door open.
That quokka just tipped over the bin! Catch it!!!
by Spanky May 28, 2003
The rapist of the animal kingdom. Created when a Kangaroo and a Koala had a bit too much to drink.
Whoaa a cute Quokka
Agghhghghgg (quokka rape noises)
by quokka research team March 25, 2013

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