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Socks, longer than ankle and shorter than tube, usually gray in color, made from wool, flannel, or cotton, that have the characteristic ability to 'quit' when you pull them up, sliding back down to gather slightly around the ankle, resulting in comfortable fashion
Dude, I can't believe you're wearing quitters with shorts and sandals.
by Gideon April 21, 2004
People who go to rehab.
Shit brotha, I ain't nevva goin' ta rehab. Rehab is fo' quitters!
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
Large, bulky, unattractive cotton panties. They are called quitters because when a young man reaches up a young woman's skirt to peel off her panties and stumbles upon these large, bukly, ugly panties, he "quits" his attempt to score a feel.
Dude...Jenny wears quitters. How lame is that?
by Johnny D April 18, 2005
One who gives up easily or submits in the face of danger, hard work, etc.
Andrew tried climbing a fence once. He was afraid of the danger and hard work, and did not do it. Because of this, he was labeled a "quitter"
by Jacob Johnonson November 21, 2007
someone who gives up to easily in the face of adversity
I am not a quitter. I can do this.
by The Return of Light Joker December 28, 2007
a unique absolutely awesome band from sacramento, ca. very loyal to fellow local bands, totally into making good music and entertaining the fuck out of the audience.
quitter is one of the best bands i have ever heard
by pancakeb November 13, 2004
A song by d12 that I don't realized th at hit em up iii is only a part of and "mention my daughter's name" is another part.
But it sounds like a rerecord cause their voices sound clumsier than hit em up iii itself. So whadou thank huh?
Also, an asshole who forfeits and never wins
I would hate to say that George Bush is not a quitter (with Iraq).
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 23, 2004