a new, derogatory word used to describe those black/hispanic/wigger kids who are a discrace to their own race. They usually are found in schools crowding the hallways, yelling,shouting idiotic things and generally being annoying. They think they are ghetto but in reality, wil all just end up with no job or in jail.
Damn quips always crowding the hallways.
by popcornplaya845 October 23, 2007
a fast, witty comment; a one-liner
by Hugh G. Rection October 21, 2003
female reproductive organ
Her quip oozed.
by anonymous January 31, 2004
Code for marijuana, smoking marijuana, or to reference.

quippers, quipped, quipping,
Do you have any quips? I need to get high.

That is some good shit. I am so quipped right now.

I'm going home to quip and watch "Half Baked".

My old lady thinks I've been quipping to much latley.

I can't live without the quippers.
by Anthony Arnold September 03, 2007
Shane's face or the face of someone named Shane.
Jonny, did you see Rob punch Quip yesterday at lunch time?
by Brandon60046 February 01, 2014
It simply means Shane's face or the face of Shane.
Hey Jonny, did you see Rob punch Quip at lunch time?
by Brandon60046 February 01, 2014
The appropriate name for the swirl at the top of a Dairy Queen icecream cone. 'Q' for queen & its shape and 'uip' for whip.
-Only at dairy queen can you witness a true quip.
-Your quip is deformed, it looks like an 'O' not a 'Q'..
by Benji30286 July 15, 2010
that little ball of hair at the bottom/drain of the sink.
"Ew! What is that quip doing here!?"
by tightmommy6790 April 05, 2010

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