The quints are out of control!
by krapnek July 01, 2004
Someone who is quintessential, a typical example of a quality or class. It is usually said after an adjective, such as "British" or "Teenage", but if it is not then it is presumed to mean a person who is quintessentially British.
That bloke is a British quint
by Splood June 24, 2011
a woman with "lady balls." To put it simply, she has 3 holes (pee, vagina, & butt) and 2 balls.
My quint hurts.
by shamalamah.ding.dong March 24, 2011
1. Being foolish or down right stupid.

2. Dating/engaged/married to someone who is cheating on you.

3. Being unable to do simple tasks (i.e. painting cabinets).

4. Over explaining a meaningless point.
1. Cut it out! You're being a quint.

2. He still doesn't know? What a quint!

3. Your computer has so many viruses, you totally quinted it!

4. Stop quinting, it doesn't even matter.
by Slothboyadvance November 28, 2009
a man who loves to touch girls boobs
and bites the nipples
a person who got arrested for personal touching
quint weirdo
by captain spok May 20, 2009

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