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A compound word between cute (Qt) and kinky, used for things that are kinky in a cute way.
Its so quinky how you love kissing me on my neck
by SeaNutz February 10, 2014
Something that appears to be cute, harmless, quirky, and defenseless, but is truly a kinky animal in the sack
Peggy Sue always looked like a good girl, until I got her in bed and found her quinky side.
by Nom nom and Sweet Apples December 10, 2008
very sexual...
usually good w/ citrus but you may use another substance, anything that will fullfill your sesuallity!
i cannot tell you what this is.. for u must only know what it is once u have experienced it or ur time is right.
i just had a quinky with my boyfriend! we used lemon juice AND tomato paste!!!
by latoyanita May 19, 2008
something amazing!!! usually involving citrus fruits. (other things can be used) everyone knows what it is.
Sarah: sooo i heard you and Alex had a quinky timeee!!!
Jenny: yeah we did, we used lemons!
Sarah: sexyyyyy
by ilovetoquink May 20, 2008
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