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The badass mayor of the Simpsons's hometown.
Mayor Quimby: First, one announcement: I regret to inform you we are not offering childcare tonight. I don't know who that guy was you were leaving your kids with.
by mr. re-run October 05, 2011
Commonly misunderstood to be the central player in an all male three-way, a "quimby" is actually the male in two woman three-way. Selected by choice bi-curious trim for his long, never-flaccid penis, "quimbies" have been spotted whiffing the occasional bike seat and, upon request, tossing a nicely-groomed woman's salad.

Other common misuses of the word involve chickens and farts.
My best girlfriend and I picked up this amazing quimby last night who took us to entirely new levels of sexual bliss.
by SoCal_Boi August 27, 2010
A goon, a nameless, faceless, part of a gang. A hanger-on, a sidekick of a more outspoken, charismatic bully.
Take the classic movie, "Surf Ninjas:"
"Dude, who were those quimbies in the camo pajamas?"
by Rockin' Dave February 22, 2005
a righteous soul, one who knows whats good; Someone with many ideas.
What are we going to do today quimby?
by James Cash Barrett March 17, 2008
a totally gay guy that has ridiculous hair but thinks he's straight
OMG that Steedman is such a quimby
by fallows May 26, 2012
Noun 1. A profession in which you suck all of the air and gas out of dead bodies, so they do not fart or burp during family visiting hours or during the memorial.
They called the Quimby in before they prepared the body for the open casket viewing.
by Dark lord tizzy October 17, 2014
To make a fool of oneself unintentionally. Reference to "Mayor Quimby" from The Simpsons, who was subjected to frequent misfortune as the result of his unluckiness. A Quimby can refer to an event in which someone humiliates themself or a period of time in which their behaviour was littered with frequent misfortune. The word "Qumiby" can be used as a verb or an adjective.
Frequent occasions for which the term can be used include: Failing a test, getting obscenely drunk, falling over/tripping up etc.

NB: Credit to Alex Waylett for raising awareness of the word
Describing someone having had a "Quimby"- "You've had a Quimby mate." (Verb)
Describing a currently occuring event- "You're having a Quimby of a time" (Adjective)
Abusing someone and teasing them- "Ahhhh Qumiby!" (Noun)
by HemelPaigons July 27, 2012

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