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Perverted older man, who sneaks around the neighborhood sniffing and licking bicycle seats.
Damn, creepy ole man Jenkins is a straight up Quimby!!!
by fsufan July 26, 2013
He cut a quimby in the pool with me and it reeked when the bubbles broke the surface.
by Boston Word Maven January 24, 2012
Ok, gross, you don't use quimby like that, way to defile a perfectly cool sounding word... What quimby really means, is, well, simply put, a cool word you can use for anything and everything, for example...
My favorite word is quimby... Or... Ha, he's so quimby, the way he wanders around so aimlessly, girl to girl, asking for numbers... Or... That sandwitch sure was quimby, i especially liked the way the lettuce was layered with the mayo, giving a romantic-esq- feel to the construction, it greatly increased the pleasure i recieved in consuming that sandwitch.
A long, skinny penis. Exact opposite of a chode.
Person 1: You have a chode
Person 2: No, i have a quimby
by kyle fossman September 12, 2008
One who is dweebish or noobie cheese; a fag; a loser; todd mackal
"Who were those quimbies in the camoflouge pajamas!?", "That quimby just stole my sandwhich!", "That quimby just butt in front of me in line!"
by Tom and KEviin October 19, 2007
A person who sucks the farts out of dead chickens.
After a chicken is dead a farmboy will suck the fart out staight from the cornhole.
by sweet sassy mallassy May 21, 2003
(O.)From early 15th Century England. Farmers had problems with Quimbies.
1.A person who sucks farts out of a dead chickens ass.
That there quimby just stole my chicken.
by Jfletche April 13, 2004