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to do something in a fast manner.
Ted: how can i go out to watch a movie when i got tons of hwk?
Mark: quickstyle it!
by vandalboi09 September 25, 2008

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fast hurried pronto quick rapid
man, that hoe is freakkin quick syle.
by paco August 24, 2003
When a guy finds a bitch, fuck her standin up for lyke 30 secz, then is out.
I fucked dat bitch quick style, an hit her spot just right. I didnt even know her name.
by LaQuinetta July 28, 2004
(n). Ghetto Cali slang for when someone does something very quickly.
Eric: I walked home from the U in 10 minutes.
Kammy: Gee whiz! Quick style!
by SomeoneNamedEric June 09, 2005