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A quickie is an act of sexual intercourse that typically skips foreplay and other convoluted means of building excitement in the sexual partner. A quickie goes straight to the point: most efficient path to climax. Male climax, that is.
- Female: I have not climaxed yet.
- Male: I thought that was the point of the quickie. You only get to cum if you make it on time.
by spookybbk October 07, 2010
When a male, usually large in ego and physical prowess, would prefer just the pleasures of sexual relations rather than puny, unproductive foreplay. Most highly demanded during a time of stress or anxiety in regards to white men, and demanded on the usual (on the reg) for african american players. Usually performed by a female with low self esteem and inferior brain power.

When a romantic anniversary date never leaves the car. And the words "check please" are only used in direct reference to the male finishing.
"I don't want to be loved. I just want a quickie."

Woman: "How was your Grandfather's funeral, would you like to talk about it?"
Man: "Irrelevant, take my cock right"
Woman: "Are you sure?"
Man:"Yes, less talkie more sucky"
by TossMyRoss October 23, 2011
Quickie(n.) quick sex , a quick fuck, a quick bang job
The chick gave me quickie.

I gave her a quickie and enjoyed the sound of her moan.

Quickies are cool!
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
A brief, gratifying experience of SLAs which could take place in a unique area, such as a storage area in a basement or a parking lot. Quickies always fulfill the needs of all stakeholders involved. Some may be spontaneous and random, while others are scheduled and routine.
Mykel - my assignment indicates that you are requiring a quickie today at 4:00.

Airon - on any day that ends in y, please.
by crazycat8 December 26, 2013
1. A quick shower where you only wash your hair in the sink with the nearest soap
2. Very quick sex
Man: "Damn, I need a quickie right now"
Woman: "Too bad I'm not in the mood"
Man: "WTF you retard, I was talking about a shower! Pervert!"
by Mauer F.T.F.W March 28, 2010
A quick blow job
"I just had a quickie in the stairwell."
by Snow Pie January 17, 2010
A slight yet meaningful erection received when glancing at a woman (or man...) that is somewhat attractive but not someone you'd tap anytime soon. Its presence is often regretted.
Joe: yo, who else got a quickie when the teacher bent over in English
Bob: stfu bro, that bitch is like 89
George: yeah bro, you be tripping dawg
Joe: f*ck you guys then
by Captain Krunksalot December 26, 2011