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Having sex fast and hardcore.
Jennifer and I had pulled off a quickfuck in the closet today.
by Donkeyfucker November 17, 2005
Sexual intercourse that is usually taking place in a public, indiscreet, or common areas (not a regular place where sexual intercourse takes place.)
Quick fucks are usually fast by nature because the partners lack privacy or comfort.
Common Quick fuck areas:
Airport Bathroom
Hotel Lobby
Anywhere you can imagine!
Dude while I was waiting for my pizza me and my girl quick fucked in Papa Gino's without anybody knowing!
by smokeweedeveryday420000000 January 15, 2011
A very potent drink. Taken in shots. A guarunteed route to the floor.
Customer: Hey, can I get a quickfuck?
Barman: That'll be $20
by Courtnez November 15, 2005
A fast and short session of intercourse usually done in public places.
Ryan- Yo dude me and Meredith are gonna toke up in the bathroom than catch a Quick-Fuck in the chorus room before class.

Gino- Alright man, do me a favor and jizz all over the teachers chair
by ryanhallbud343434343434 November 08, 2010
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