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The act of quickly pooping out a turd during the flush to disguise the fact you are pooping in public.
Even though she did a quickshit Terry could smell her poop.
by kambreezy01 March 11, 2013
Having to take a dump at super speed, often aiming to break the current record of 3:30:08, the timing of which starts the moment the door is locked and ends the moment the shitter walk out the door - smelling like shit.

Mostly used when you need to go somewhere, but can't hold your shit, in which case you might take a quick shit right then and there.

Often used in conjunction with the word 'dawg'.
Dawg 1 : Yo dawg, I can't wait. I need to take a "quick shit" right here, right now. Fitness made my bowels work overtime.

Dawg 2 : Dude, I'm not gonna wait for you to finish your brownie. It always takes ages.

Dawg 1 : Dawg, I said I'll make it a quick shit. What do you say? You can even time it and see if I can break the record.

Dawg 2 : Aight dawg, it's on! But make it quick (shit).

* 3:30:08 minutes later *

Dawg 1 : Dawg, I be stinking like crap.

Dawg 2 : At least you got a record of 3:30:08.

Dawg 1 : Aight dawg, let's roll!
by Peter_Lopr March 23, 2011
when you have to take a shit really badly but realize you do not have enough time to get it all out so you do as much of it as you can. this usually results in regret because 20 minutes later you have the urge to poop again.
guy 1: o man i have to shit again
guy 2: didnt you just poop?
guy1: yea but it was just a quick shit cause i had to get this meeting.
by fplounge July 25, 2009
Sarcastic name for one who has just done or said something extremely stupid.
Kyle: (accidentaly knocks baby off bridge after balancing it on the railing)
Ross:way to go quick shit!

also see: quickness
by Ross March 28, 2004
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