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Having to take a dump at super speed, often aiming to break the current record of 3:30:08, the timing of which starts the moment the door is locked and ends the moment the shitter walk out the door - smelling like shit.

Mostly used when you need to go somewhere, but can't hold your shit, in which case you might take a quick shit right then and there.

Often used in conjunction with the word 'dawg'.
Dawg 1 : Yo dawg, I can't wait. I need to take a "quick shit" right here, right now. Fitness made my bowels work overtime.

Dawg 2 : Dude, I'm not gonna wait for you to finish your brownie. It always takes ages.

Dawg 1 : Dawg, I said I'll make it a quick shit. What do you say? You can even time it and see if I can break the record.

Dawg 2 : Aight dawg, it's on! But make it quick (shit).

* 3:30:08 minutes later *

Dawg 1 : Dawg, I be stinking like crap.

Dawg 2 : At least you got a record of 3:30:08.

Dawg 1 : Aight dawg, let's roll!
by Peter_Lopr March 23, 2011

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