1.) A period of time which is shorter than a minute approximately 45 seconds

2.) An undisclosed period of time (used when estimating how long a task will take to complete)
1.) Reginald: This pizza is cold brother! I'm about to engage you in a physical altercation!
Deshawn: Calm down homie! Your attitude is wack! Just throw your pizza in the microwave for a quick minute and everything will be straight "g"

2.) (Phone call) Laquisha: When will your automobile be at my crib?
Monique: The estimated time of arrival is a quick minute girlfriend
by Mikey Smith August 31, 2007
Top Definition
a longish period of time; a while.
"Man, It's been a quick minute since I seen you."

"Yeah, the last time I saw you was at that party a couple months ago."
by AllyBaby09 October 18, 2009
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