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When one manages to meet, chat up, take home, pull and return back to your initial social group within approx. one hour
Clare: Wow, that was quick! You were only talking to her a moment a go then "wham, bang, thank you ma'am" and you're back!!!
David: Well, they don't call me "Quick Fire Nozza" for nothing!
by Jizzle244 September 01, 2011
When an inexperienced man becomes aroused by something and promptly blows his load, i.e. creams his pants, sometimes still in his underwear. For some, the sight of Alex Steels can stimulate this response, for others,less stimulation is required, for example the experience of a girl sitting on one's knee or even a single pornographic image.
Here comes Joe 'Quickfire' Preston, better stand back incase he quickfires again all over us.
by Dude March 25, 2005