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..when u wanna called somebody Darling in spanish..
..I hope someday u'll feel the same way i did today, Querida...
by The Mediator April 08, 2006
295 139
"Querida" means darling in Portuguese! well as Spanish & maybe Filipino too..
"Ay querida, who at the cake I made for the Baptismo!"
by Hollytamoly December 12, 2012
7 11
In Spain, Hispanic America and the Philippines, mistress
Le puso un piso a la querida
He set up a flat for his mistress
La gente no se divorcia porque tienen una querida
People don´t get divorced because they have got a mistress
by fonsucu July 14, 2008
41 93
In Spain, Hispanic America and the Philippines, "mistress"
Ese le ha puesto un piso a la querida.

Se ha echado una querida y ya no pisa por casa.
by fonsucu July 10, 2008
31 88