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A Fart From The Males Penis.
1.Wheres Zi Zi Wang? he querfed on my math homework!

2.i querfed in the pool and that made bubles float to the top
by Matt Hazan! April 16, 2005
Unlike a Pussy Fart Queef.
Its a, Penis Fart.

"just when you thought all the bathroom jokes are over, i found another"
1.I Querfed In The Pool And It Created Bubles That Floated To The Top Of The Water.

2.My Querf Smells Like Maserpiece BBQ Sauce.
by matt hazan March 26, 2005
a dick fart otherwise known as a Jordan. (=
"so do boys querf since girls queef?"
by lady goo goo ga ga February 05, 2010
n. querf

querf - the sound made when air is blown out of a vagina when a penis is inserted into it.
That was a mighty loud querf as i f**ked her in the a**.
by TomE2theK February 28, 2005
A sexual act where a male farts into a woman's vagina, and she then expells it in a queef.
Oh man, I ate so much taco bell last night I had my lady querfing up a storm.
by whole fisted February 01, 2007

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