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Someone who is a complete weirdo, but is also quite queer.
God that guy is such a queirdo
by Jimmy432 November 26, 2008
A friendless loser, who acts queer and/or annoying. Someone who does very stupid, strange, and homosexual things.

queer + weirdo = queirdo.
John Jorge and David Thomson are such queirdos, seriously they both act like such homosexual dumbasses and are ugly, friendless, pieces of shit.
by OMG_its_amyyyy May 29, 2005
Someone who isn't exactly normal. Like, they have this weirdness about them and at the same time they're mysterious. Think of it as calling someone who's a goth this. They are very weird and vague (queer) in a way. Basically two words 'weird' or 'weirdo' and 'queer' combined.
weirdo or queer
Someone walks up to you and does this weird thing with their hands like they've just cast a spell onto you. And you say, while they're walking away, "You fucken queirdo!"
by my name is.... April 19, 2007