Someone who isn't exactly normal. Like, they have this weirdness about them and at the same time they're mysterious. Think of it as calling someone who's a goth this. They are very weird and vague (queer) in a way. Basically two words 'weird' or 'weirdo' and 'queer' combined.
weirdo or queer
Someone walks up to you and does this weird thing with their hands like they've just cast a spell onto you. And you say, while they're walking away, "You fucken queirdo!"
by my name is.... April 19, 2007
Top Definition
A friendless loser, who acts queer and/or annoying. Someone who does very stupid, strange, and homosexual things.

queer + weirdo = queirdo.
John Jorge and David Thomson are such queirdos, seriously they both act like such homosexual dumbasses and are ugly, friendless, pieces of shit.
by OMG_its_amyyyy May 29, 2005
Someone who is a complete weirdo, but is also quite queer.
God that guy is such a queirdo
by Jimmy432 November 26, 2008
(Queer+Weirdo) A person so rare, strange, and/or unusual, that simply calling them "weird" or "queer" (referring to original definition) does them no justice.
My neighbor wakes me up every morning with his opera music practice... on his bagpipe. I've met some queirdos in my day, but he takes the cake.
by EarthChild23 June 13, 2016
A mixture between a queer otherwise known as a homosexual and a weirdo or someone socially awkward
James, you are such a Queirdo you jew!
by Jake321433 July 22, 2015
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