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The escape of air left in the pussy during the pulling in and out of a penis, finger, or other object.
Uh oh, that is embarrassing, I think I just quefed.
by pinkribbonsaremysexxx<333 March 15, 2008
A pussy fart. Often when getting it doggy-stlye air is ingested into the vagina. When this air is expelled it resembles a fart, but makes a "quefing" sound.
Best when drawed out and said something like "QU EEEE FFF EEEEE"
by Bubba Jones March 18, 2005
as listed above, it is stated as a vaginal fart. however it can also be put after a persons name to represent that they are dirty, retarded, or stoopid. as the example shows below:
marquefe, danquefe, you are a quefe, quefe, quefe? quefity quefe quefe quefe...Oooooo look a bunny :p

by avster April 28, 2005
to fart from your PUSSAY!
"hey girl i was at the gym stretching and my vagina farted!"aka quefe
by jammin310cpt May 12, 2009