as listed above, it is stated as a vaginal fart. however it can also be put after a persons name to represent that they are dirty, retarded, or stoopid. as the example shows below:
marquefe, danquefe, you are a quefe, quefe, quefe? quefity quefe quefe quefe...Oooooo look a bunny :p

by avster April 28, 2005
Top Definition
A pussy fart. Often when getting it doggy-stlye air is ingested into the vagina. When this air is expelled it resembles a fart, but makes a "quefing" sound.
Best when drawed out and said something like "QU EEEE FFF EEEEE"
by Bubba Jones March 18, 2005
The escape of air left in the pussy during the pulling in and out of a penis, finger, or other object.
Uh oh, that is embarrassing, I think I just quefed.
by pinkribbonsaremysexxx<333 March 15, 2008
to fart from your PUSSAY!
"hey girl i was at the gym stretching and my vagina farted!"aka quefe
by jammin310cpt May 12, 2009

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