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Gayer than gay. If there was a word gay people used to describe gay stuff, this would be it.
Alan: Me and Cheryl don't want to hold each other back with a long distance relationship.
Zeb: Alan stop being a fuckin queerhawk and ask her out.
by dizebbio July 20, 2005
Can mean someone who goes on the hunt for Cock.
Or can be a slang term for a person gayer than gay.
John:Dan is such a Queerhawk.
Mike:He goes looking for gay sex?
John:No He's Jusst a massive bender!
by zakakiragibson September 13, 2010
a funny insult.
used in banter.
David: " congee is a loser "
James: " yeh i know hes a proper queer hawk "
by James Chalmers January 30, 2009
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