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An anoying homosexual man
Jacob, you are such a queerbox!
by Jerry Lewis June 07, 2003

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A heavy box full of gay people.
Ouch! My toe broke after the queerbox fell upon it.
by twinkie April 01, 2005
a big heavy box full of queer
D: OMG that guy is soo hot.
J: OMG you are such a queerbox.
by Jimbo March 14, 2005
queer box somebody so homosexual it seems that they are a small box and all the homosexuality in the universe is concentrated within that small box
you are such a big Queer Box
by shit bag February 05, 2006
Any annoying or dumb person.
Bryan Q, is being a really big bitch by complaining about how bad he is at everything, and I say "Bryan you're such a queerbox."
by Jackson Pollack III March 22, 2008