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a person who acts gayer than gay gayerson but, who isn't always gay.
Jacque is the queerbo who stole my flowers.
by Kevin July 27, 2004
A cross between a queer and a hobo. Generally used to describe someone who makes a living giving hand jobs on the street.
Did you see the queerbo by 8th and high? He was totally jacking off that gay guy.
by RayRayCoolJ June 07, 2011
A hobo with homosexual tendencies for young men. Used for derogatory reasons.
Person 1: I don't want to play Call of Duty
Person 2: You fucking Queerbo
by Spielpaberg September 13, 2014
Well it means weird or gay person
Aww your'e such a queerbo
by TigerlillyMobley January 25, 2008
A term that was thought to be fictitious and was used during a flame war at vintage TTF by datadyne sniper200.
You big queerbo!
by TTF Lives! June 30, 2004
An hermaphrodite with an incredibly faggy face.
Chris is the biggest queerbo in the state.
by GMS August 09, 2003
fucking you dumbassss, and or a common tern for FUCK YOU
"your such a queerbo"
by HALEYYYY BETCH (: July 24, 2008

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