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not normal
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
A queer that urinates extremely early and rageful. {q.u.e.e.r)
Clara became a queer once she became mad at the king and had to take a tinkle.
by extremelyrageful August 21, 2008
someone who behaves beyond the norm. Someone who is attacted the the same sex and bends over for that same sex partner or is the one banging the poop chute. Blades of Serinity: a gay activist group
The Blades of Serinity are a group who fights hard for the advancement of flaming queers everywhere.
by ironace August 07, 2006
The "nice" word for gay, fag, faggot etc.,
Straight Guy: You are so gay.
Nice Straight Guy: Don't say gay. Say queer.
by Grrrrrrr December 22, 2007
Originally used to define homosexuals. Now used loosely as an insult to something weird/stupid/fucked up
1.Dude, Elton John is flaming queer
2.This assignment is so queer
by Arielle February 06, 2005
a word in that has come to mean gay and is WAY THE FUCK overused.
Stop calling people Queers, its so damn old, its annoying now!!
by chryan kozagee November 30, 2004
It only means "odd". A lot of people think it means "fag" or "gay", but it really doesn't. People need to get their fucking facts straight before they go off and use a word.
It's December, but warm outside. That's queer.
by Kelly December 13, 2004