A guy with a vagina
"That guy is queer!"

"Step aside for the quir kid," shouted a queer."

"What a queer"
by Quack921 April 07, 2009
someone who behaves beyond the norm. Someone who is attacted the the same sex and bends over for that same sex partner or is the one banging the poop chute. Blades of Serinity: a gay activist group
The Blades of Serinity are a group who fights hard for the advancement of flaming queers everywhere.
by ironace August 07, 2006
A queer that urinates extremely early and rageful. {q.u.e.e.r)
Clara became a queer once she became mad at the king and had to take a tinkle.
by extremelyrageful August 21, 2008
The "nice" word for gay, fag, faggot etc.,
Straight Guy: You are so gay.
Nice Straight Guy: Don't say gay. Say queer.
by Grrrrrrr December 22, 2007
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