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4 definitions by Klaatu

A term derived from the The First Star Trek William Shatner's acting: halting, punchy dialogue, delivered in a dry and self - mocking manner.
The First Batman - the 1st campy one, Adam West, out - shatnered himself while musing about The Riddler :
"The Riddler is loose to plague us...with his...criminal cunundrums!"
Props to Roger Moore
by Klaatu June 15, 2005
Based upon a show on BravoTv cable "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", in which the fab five-An interior designer, a fashion stylist, a chef, a beauty guru and a "concierge of cool" — who is responsible for all things hip, including music and pop culture (and all very, very, gay) - take a heterosexual guy and do a total lifestyle makeover so that he will be hip and urbane. (Note: None of the Fab 5 are Bears or Leathermen - which might help in the workplace.)
Batman, staring George Clooney was a Queer eye for the Bat Guy movie when Batman wore the Bat suit with nipples on it.
by Klaatu June 15, 2005
The literal translation of chinese into english and cultural point of view, promoted by the The Fobonics Institute, headed by the esteemed Curtis Fong, to promote awareness of the Fobonics language and deep cultural roots curtis.curtisfong.org/fobonics
Fobonics Phrase: All your base are belong to us - curtis.curtisfong.org/fobonics/bases
by Klaatu December 05, 2004
The sound of a bonghit in IRC.
"OOO-ooo-OOO-ooo,bonghit number one, bonghit number two, bonghit number three, bonghit number uh "-Pants from jerkcity
by Klaatu December 05, 2004