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when something appears to be gay or femme or for gay people
dude that pink shirt is fuckin' quee
by pdeezy July 28, 2007
what retarded people stay instead of queue
i have 16 files stuck in quee
by blankman420 April 09, 2010
means cool and im alright with what ever your saying.
Hey dude i just made some mac and cheese! "Quee!" im down for some of that.

"would you be alright with going to the movies tommorrow?" "Quee" i would like that very much bro.
by magicmac November 02, 2010
Similar to a cankle but between the knees and the thigh muscle.
Whoa quees...
by doodoofus December 11, 2008
to cum and pee at the same time. its related to the work queef.
B: omg are you excited about seeing epic tommorow?
E: so excited i just peed and came at the same time!

B: you just quee-ed!!! hah.
by EpicLars August 16, 2009
A less harsh way of calling someone queer. This word was made up by two beautiful girls named Piper and Ellie.
Ellie: "Dude, Bill and Matt are so quee for thinking they invented this word..."
Piper: "Hella, they are queerods. Sucks for them that they aren't gnarkill like us."

by Wee Wee Testicles July 26, 2007
someone who is a raging sex beast and probably italian
pasquale is a quee
by the night hawk1238 February 03, 2010
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