a queb is a word me and sam made up in a boring french lesson. it is an insult which is equivilent to a canadian homosexual. and we love it
me: you stupid queb

by elliott r May 15, 2006
Top Definition
A colourless, odourless and flavourless substance found in high fat, high carb food. Found largely in food made for consumption by gas station customers, queb leaves an unpleasant oily and often sticky residue on the roof of the ingester's mouth. The residue, whilst satisfying (and somewhat comforting) to those seeking a hangover cure ("something "quebby"), solace in food for the soul ("quebtastic", "quebalicious"), or just an all-out binge ("quebfest"), is not believed to be meant for human consumption, least of all enjoyed.
For those wishing to avoid eating queb-related products, the leading advice is too avoid pre-packaged pies, chips, deli sandwiches and meat, highly processed foods such as cheese dips and eggy sauces, as well as soggy breakfast foods such as scrambled egg, hash brown or any pig derivative.
1) "I drank too much last night and now need some queb. Who's up for bacon and eggs?"

2) "I swear to God,this heat'n'eat roll is 100% queb, I'm never eat this s___ again"

3) Waving soggy turkish bread around "Look! You can actually SEE the queb dripping off of it!"
by Auntie Peach October 02, 2007
£30 worth of weed
Stoner: Hay man can you fix me up with a queb

Drug Dealer: yeah
by Trolololdad October 16, 2011
Another word for a cube when my mum forgot how to spell
The house was shaped like a queb, or an insult "your such a queb",
by toloola May 17, 2010
Where I grew up (York, UK), 'queb' was used as a pejorative term.

As far as I am aware, it originated as a contraction of 'queer' and 'boy', and was also often extended to 'quebber' or 'quebster'.
'That's not how you calculate Pi to infinity, you queb.'
by CyberRuby November 17, 2007
That's queb.
by Josh October 14, 2003
Queb is the act of being nothing and everything all at the same time. It is also a great subsitute for cus words.
ex- You are such a fricking QUEB. What the QUEB?
by Raeski13 April 30, 2016
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