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Ones who simulataneous use four illegal narcotics.
1: Quasistimulusers can often be found watching bollywood movies and talking to colours.

Cuert: Allo? Is this purple? Your curves and dialects intrigue me.
Purple: Wies. Jess. I have perfected the art of spinach wheeling and elephant wrangling.
Cuert: Your dancing sets fire to my soul. Let us share spit while red and tangerine bicker over who's bridges are shorter.
Orange: I found a dead body under mine.
Red: Rush to the side stage for the next act.
Cuert: Green your words are like a sudden riot, unexcpectedly brazen.
Yellow: I am yellow, you must smush with me.
Cuert: *scratches eyebrows, clear off* If only brown knew purple was a poet.
Orange: Those shiny dancers really know how to shimy in skirts.
Blue: I have no legs.
by iamrazorblade June 15, 2011
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