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verb: to quarter-turn, performing a quarter-turn
noun: a quarter-turn
The act of turning around with your ear facing the person in the seat behind you, as a result of his noise-making.
This is usually far less effective than the half-turn and is usually followed by it, since the noise never stopped.
*sitting in the theatre, talking*
Irritated dude #1: shushh!
Me: did someone just shush me?
*Irritated dude #2 quarter-turns*
Me: oh my god that dude just quarter-turned me, what a douche! Man this movie sucks. Hey, remember that time....
by LA-Z-BOY & Blackburn August 20, 2007
It's when you grab a girl by her neck and turn it a quarter of the way around when she gets out of line. Usually used in the middle of the night or in public places. Usually you would enjoy screaming while doing it so she knows you mean business.
Louisha backed talked at McDonald so I Gave that bitch at quarter turn in line.
by Dan Bolton December 24, 2004
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