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A rube, an idiot, an imbecile, a nuckwee
Man, Jonny is such a quape. He thinks LeBron James is overrated!"
by Willhouse June 20, 2013
1. (n) an Algonquin hand-made, pioneer-style, blanket made from old shirts which may also be used as a cape.
2. (n) synonym of Slanket or Snuggie
A commonly known fact is that the Snuggie is the invention of the millennium. What most people don't realize is the concept was derived by native American's who used blankets as capes, which were called quapes and invented in the 17th Century.
by Infinitymann January 23, 2011

1. To be glomped, mass hugged, or boarder line dry humped.

2. A grape that isnt fare trade
person 1: Hay I walked into work today and was qaped by Jen, Alan and Bill...
Person 2: Lucky sod!

Person 1:

Is that wine fair trade?
Person 2:
No Its Quaped
by Rubium November 17, 2009
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