A hybrid of quarter and hapa. Refers to a person's cultural/ethnic identity as being a quarter or three-quarters of something, in other words at least one parent is hapa or half. One could be three-quarters Japanese American and one-quarter European American or one-quarter Japanese American and one-quarter French Canadian and half African American.
My daughter is a quapa, so will Tiger Wood's kid.
by Hapa Artist December 29, 2006
Top Definition
n. Individual who is 1/4 Asian or Pacific Islander; offspring of one hapa and one non-Asian; attractive individuals who encompass the best of both races
-Katy is so exotic looking. What ethnicity is she, anyway?
-She's a quarter Japanese... a quapa.
by Quapa27 November 22, 2011
A quapa is a person who's parents are both hapas.
Gene: What are you? Seriously
Franky da LBC: I am...yeah, quapa
by polish korean hapa! March 17, 2005
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