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Quadruple Anal Penetration
Can you believe that bitch let us Q.U.A.P. her?
All 4 of us QUAPped your daughter bitch!
by Mo' Taffin December 12, 2009
A word used to describe a quarter pound of some form of street drug. Usually marijuana, but can be any drug.
I'll sell you a quap for 2200.
by Will November 29, 2004
4 ounces of any drug

stands for quarter-pound
quaps of beasters are usually around 700 dollars
headies 900
haze 1050-1100
Yo my nigga whens that quap comin in, I need some nugget.
by Bobby Banijamali December 31, 2005
Quaker American Princess, Like a JAP but Quaker
She goes to that Quaker school; she's a Quap.
by burn-master July 11, 2012
Oh, this bitch is trippin' imma have to give her a QUAPS right quick!!!
by NINJA PIMP PAT August 24, 2009
Quick nap
"I don't know man, I'm kinda tired, I might just take quap before work instead of going out."
by Dadudeanddonnie March 28, 2014
Breasts that are humongous because of fat, not because of plastic surgery....
Raz: Man, have you seen the baps on that?

Helen: They aren't baps.... They're quaps....

Lisa: Proper quappage there....
by Quaps, quappage, boobs, quads January 25, 2012