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Mr. Robinson's and his quango
by Adri@n May 04, 2003
I'm not happy with any of the other definitions. A quango is a fucking waste of tax-payer's money where civil-servants are paid 60 grand to push bits of paper around a desk for eight hours a day.
The Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) is a perfect quango. Answerable to no-one, and sucks up government money faster than one of John Prescott's cabinet aides.
by Spudgun August 29, 2006
1) QUasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organization.
2) An exotic fruit that looks like a blue mango.
3) A creature that eats babies. To only be used in the phrase below.
"The Quangos ate my baby!"
by jerkoff April 18, 2005
A dodgy and unwanted sauce on food.
Plain please, no quango
by Sophusface August 09, 2011
more minging than minging
wycliff show muma some love woman
by fee innit January 13, 2004

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