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a quickie fondle
I saw her/him on the way to class and stopped for a quandle.
by calischs October 06, 2008
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an object in mathematics defined as a set, Q, along with a binary operation, *, so that for all a, b, and c in Q, the following hold:
I. a*a = a
II. There is a unique x in q so that x*a = b
III. (a*b)*c = (a*c)*(b*c)
If Q is the integers and a*b = 2b-a, then (Q,*) is a quandle.
by calischs September 30, 2008
"quake fondle", ie. heavy petting under conditions of extreme cold, as to cause shivering. Often preceding sex outside.
We quandled for hours in the snow.
by daynanananana October 06, 2008

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