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1. A particularly aesthetically pleasing pair of breasts.
2. Breasts which receive much attention because they are exceedingly delightful.
3. A nice rack.
4. (singular) qualititty

It should be noted that qualititties are not discriminatory: it matters not if they are large or small, nor does the color matter. Both original and surgically altered can be qualititties; it is basely solely on the wowza factor. Also, this is meant to be complimentary not pejorative.
"Wowza. Look at the qualititties on that woman over there!"

"You see those? Them are some qualititties."

"Damn! I got some qualititties going on today!"
by CoffeeGhurl July 11, 2013
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a nice set of boobies; usually round in shape and symmetrical
Man, Emily has nice boobs. I would love to motorboat those qualititties.
by Max Power 244 October 12, 2009
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