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to be felt up on a plane, and to kind of enjoy it
hey did you know that guy got quaided last week
by miss SL March 25, 2009
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Definition; Quaided, derived from the character Quaid in Total Recall, meaning to be have been so mind-bendingly drunk that your memory might as well have been effectively wiped. A state so beyond merely not being able to recall what happened last night, that you might as well have taken a trip to Mars for all you know.
"I did what? Said I was a secret agent working under cover, from Mars? I don't know anyone called Richter, why the hell would I see him at the party? God I’m so Quaided right now, I’m never drinking again! Can't remember anything. Hold on, I feel another chundah coming, somebody open that window, give des people ayuh!!!
by Quaid2012 July 29, 2012

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