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An artifact which makes any attacks which you make in any form render four times the damage to the victim. Has a great sound effect.
When I had quad damage and I punched my friend in the nose, his whole head exploded :(
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
A fucking great Alternative Metal band from North-West London.
"Dude, Quad Damage rip shit up!"
by RoflcopterSoiSoiSoiSoi January 12, 2012
a mad bong consisting of 4 chambers for maximum smoothness.
whoa man how did you rip that massive cone? quad damage...
by Nick Fannin March 22, 2007
A bong with one large chamber and four pipes, allowing 4 people to get "damaged" at once.
YO nigga...we just hit the quad damage!!!!!
by Doctah G. March 31, 2006

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