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adj., a word used to describe anything bitchin'awesome or better than having a threesome with Amgelina Jolie and Lyndsay Lohan (MMMMMM MMMMMM Good).The precedent was set by Adam Sandler that blue ducks are Quacktastic.
Pooping on a girl's chest and sticking a flag in it and claiming her for the United States is Quacktastic!
by Nick Velardi February 01, 2005
Something that's not fantastic, but you feel as though you need to be a sarcastic asshole and, at the same time, avoid having to fake your enthusiasm.
YOUR FRIEND: "Hey! I just got a new Achievement on Xbox Live!"
YOU: "Oh...that's...quacktastic."

YOUR MOTHER: "Honey, I bought you a few new shirts from JC Penny's. I hope you like palm fronds and pineapples!"
YOU: "Thanks, mom...That's quacktastic."

A KID: "Hey mister! Guess what?? I can count to 50!"
YOU: "That's quacktastic."
by freehigh5s February 10, 2014

Similar to Awexome, but not as strong.
Suggested use: When describing Fhqwhgads the Duck/Dragon.
Fhqwhgads is Quacktastic!
by Trogdor September 10, 2003
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