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1. Quoted for truth. OR
2. Quit fucking talking
1. "hot girls are hot"

2. girl : me me me me me nails hair shopping boys, me me me me ,blah blah blah blah
guy: QTF!!!!!!
by pat22222222222222222269 December 15, 2005
507 345
Contraction: Quod The Fuck
the Latin equivalent of wtf.
A: i had coffee. i also had asda cheesy.
B: qtf is an asda cheesy?
by frazzles July 28, 2011
11 11
Quoi the fuck? Franglais for WTF, or 'what the fuck?' Usually used in ironic exasperation, non-confrontational.
Yo QTF. Are w gonna do this shit?
by Bloc July 12, 2012
0 4
When you try to type 'WTF' really fast, but majorly fail and press the Q button instead of the W.
Noob: QTF!?!?!??!1!?//1

Dude: Eh?
by Lolqtf August 30, 2009
35 46
What the fuck!?

See morse code "Q codes" which are abbreviated ways to ask questions when sending messages in morse code. (look up "Q codes" on wikipedia for a complete list)

QTF is not an official Q-code, but is a rather a de facto Q-code used by military comms and intel people who were forced to learn morse code as part of their a-school training.
QTF!? We have to run up Radar Ridge AGAIN!!??
by she-devildog August 11, 2010
5 21
Quack The Fuck
eGO - Aww quack the fuck, QUACK THE FUCK ESE!

Now that's definitely qtf material right there
by SleepyBitch June 28, 2009
41 57
meaning Que the fuck. A variation of WTF with "what" being replaced with it's spanish counterpart "que".
Example 1: QTF just happened here?
Example 2: Dude, Que The Fuck?!
by boyruns July 21, 2009
22 46