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Is when a male wants and tries to get all the Asians especially Filipinos. He wants to repopulate the UK with Fillipino/Henry hybrids. One day s ambition is to have the twelvsome.
See that guy with all them Filipinos? He's definitely Henrys disorder.
by Frazzles May 20, 2014
The act of being Asian and disliking egg fried rice causing loneliness and depression making them upload pictures of Taylor swift and other miscellaneous Asians whom they find attractive.
See that Asian all alone on the bus he is jojo's syndrome
by Frazzles June 09, 2014
Contraction: Quod The Fuck
the Latin equivalent of wtf.
A: i had coffee. i also had asda cheesy.
B: qtf is an asda cheesy?
by frazzles July 28, 2011

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