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upside down noob
cs players
by beefy May 24, 2004
All you need to know!
See also: pwnage
1) I post at www.qoou.com because that's all you need to know!
2) I wish I were in qoou, they are so rad.
3) UT used to be fun until I started losing to qoou all the time.
by Captain Obvious March 01, 2005
Noob read upside down(see the definition for noob for more inquiry). Usually typed to confuse the opponent for a moment and display even more of their stupidity
On Facebook
Brad's status: Oh yea I just got another trophy on Cod!
Matt's comment: You're such a qoou, i got platinum ages ago

Brad reading Matts comment in confusion.....

Brads comment: Hey I'm no noob!
by panda-coach ricky April 13, 2010